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We’re continuing to revisit some of the classics with a refreshing Mai Tai, ready for the beach, pool, couch or anywhere you want to relax. Rum, pineapple juice and lime juice are staples of any great Tiki cocktail. Orgeat is also a must for the perfect Mai Tai and will take your cocktail to a higher level of flavor.

And a Sidecar, which is a treat any time of year. Rim half of your glass with demerara sugar for a sweet, yet controlled treat. It’s the perfect drink for happy hour.

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Don’t miss our fun and educational monthly virtual cocktail session on Thursday, June 27 at 5PM PST/8PM EST on Zoom. Kyle Wright, who creates our cocktail recipes, will lead us in the making of this month’s drinks. There’s only so much info we can squeeze onto a recipe card, so you can be sure to hear some additional tips, tricks and recommendations straight from Kyle. All subscribers will be invited!

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Past Boxes:

We're shipping The Cosmic this month. Crisp vodka with raspberry syrup, cranberry juice, orange bitters and a dose of lime juice to balance out sweetness.

We’re also shipping the Spiked Cola with toasty bourbon, small batch kola syrup from Portland Soda Co., Hella Aromatic Soda and Orleans Bitters from Scrappy’s Bitters. It’s a winning combination of organic ingredients made by our favorite small batch producers from across the U.S.


Spring has sprung and we’re celebrating in this month’s SaloonBox with a bounty of garden-inspired ingredients. Our Garden Paloma features tequila in a Paloma-like cocktail using tequila, 3 Chile Syrup from Royal Rose Syrups out of Maine, celery bitters from Scrappy’s Bitters in Seattle, grapefruit, lime, a splash of sparkling club soda, a pinch of salt and a nice dried lime wheel garnish. One sip will usher in the sun, if it’s not already shining in your neck of the woods.

Our Earl Grey Sour is perfect at any time of year. It’s a classic gin sour with a quick infusion of Earl Grey tea leaves. Tune into our monthly virtual session on Tuesday, April 30 to see our bartender, Kyle Wright, whip up these drinks live with additional tips and tricks to make them even more delicious. All current members will get the invite by email!


Our Mango Habanero Daiquiri takes a classic daiquiri to a new level with a slight hint of spice and mango flavor.  And our Irish Coffee Martini combines Irish Whiskey with brown sugar syrup, coffee and dash of vanilla. We’ve chosen a decaf coffee, so that you can enjoy this cocktail in the evening without caffeine. A light dusting of cinnamon on top is the perfect complement.

Our Starstruck Martini, was inspired by another famous cocktail with a slightly more scandalous name, the Pornstar Martini. While it’s become sort of a modern classic, we should probably point out that this is not actually a martini at all. It is, however, a fun vodka drink with delicious passionfruit liqueur, vanilla and lime notes.

Our next drink, Rye-Juvenation, is a refreshing, aromatic recipe featuring rye whiskey. While we love bourbon’s sweeter side, we like the versatility of using rye whiskey in cocktail recipes. It’s a little drier, which leaves some room for a bit of flavorful syrup. Ginger pairs well with rye whiskey, as does cinnamon and aromatic soda. All of these flavors plus a little lemon juice balance out this cocktail perfectly. 


We’re starting off the year with two recipes built to recreate on your own throughout the year. In our Marionberry Club, we're combining gin, Marionberry syrup, lemon and egg white and shaking like crazy to get that perfect foam.

We're also shipping our Easy Pineapple Spritz, with tequila, pineapple, jalapeno lime bitters and some bubbles. It’s refreshing and not too spicy or sweet.


  December Cocktail Kit

For our Chai Espresso Martini, we’re piggy-backing on the current craze for Espresso Martinis, but making ours a bit more seasonal with the addition of deliciously spiced Chai syrup from Portland Soda Co. = 

For our second recipe, the Maple Bacon Old Fashioned, we’re smokin’ woodchips and bacon for a delicious take on a classic Old Fashioned. The recipe suggests you use a brulee torch, which will certainly make your life easier. If you don’t have one, we recommend a lighter (the wand version would work best).

We're all-in on rum this month! And as we move into colder months, there’s nothing like a hot toddy. Our Rum Fireside Toddy uses spiced rum, Cranberry Spice syrup, cinnamon, star anise and lemon. It’s the perfect after dinner drink or something to warm up with on a chilly day.

We're also shipping Herbal Tide. Essentially a rum & tonic it uses El Guapo’s delicious tonic syrup and club soda instead of tonic soda. Lime, juniper berries, dried citrus and cinnamon finish it off.


October's Manhattan was smokin'! ... Literally, we smoked the glass to give it a subtle cinnamon imbued essence. And because two recipes are better than one, we also shipping a spooky hibiscus-cardamom margarita using Tanteo Tequila.

September SaloonBox Cocktail Kit

Barr Hill Gin, Campari, Starlino vermouth and a gentle Oolong tea infusion make the best fall Negroni ever. And, if that weren't enough, we're including Barr Hill's aged Tom Cat Gin in an apple, cinnamon spiced version of a Bee's Knees.

Our Sailor’s Rum Punch is a perfect combination of spiced rum, pineapple nutmeg shrub, smoked citrus and a little sparkle.

AND subscribers will receive our Butterfly Gin Fizz with gin, beautiful and bright blue butterfly pea flower, honey, lemon and a foamy layer on top.

Regardless of your feelings about Appletinis, you'll love our Golden Appletini. It's a vodka-apple-pear dream made with small batch artisan ingredients (no neon green sour syrups to see here). And if you like Mojitos and Rye Whiskey, then you’ll love our Ryejito.
March Cocktails Now Shipping
Our Lavender Yuzu Lift, has us venturing into Spring with crisp vodka and the refreshing aromas of lavender, yuzu and lemon. And in case it you need a little zing to wake you up, we've added a smoked sea salt, lemon rim. 
And, because it's March after all, we're celebrating Irish whiskey! An easy pour-over creates a fantastic cup of coffee as the base of this classic cocktail, then we add Irish whiskey and a little dose of vanilla and condensed milk.

Not a Bloody Mary, but a  Bloody Maria made with tequila and one of the tastiest Bloody Mary mixes we’ve ever had along with two types of olives in brine and hickory smoked sea salt for the rim. 

Our subscribers will also enjoy the Rye Ginger Old Fashioned, a perfect cozy evening sipper. A hint of ginger syrup and chocolate bitters complement the warm, vanilla notes and slightly sweet flavor of your whiskey. The candied ginger garnish is an additional treat.