SaloonBox Co-FoundersOur goal is to make incredible craft cocktails accessible to everyone!

We created SaloonBox after we grew tired of looking for cocktail recipes online, only to spend a small fortune on big bottles we'd rarely use again. We designed SaloonBox to solve all of the issues that cause people to avoid mixology at home:

We source recipes from top mixologists across the nation.

Recipes are crafted by bartenders, including our own SaloonBox in-house bartender, Kyle Wright, who leads a virtual cocktail-making session each month. It's open to all SaloonBox customers.

We ship small quantities

No more large expensive bottles you won't use again. We ship just what you'll need, sometimes a small amount of extras. This keeps the cost of our kits much lower than others on the market.

We support small batch artisans across the nation

And we set high standards for our ingredients. This is true for the liquor and non-alcoholic ingredients in each kit. Your kit will come with a letter that tells you more about each ingredient and how it's made. While we may occasionally feature a larger brand you recognize, most of our ingredients are difficult to find in small quantities. We are proud to support other small businesses across the nation.

We ship to your door

No more going to multiple liquor stores looking for one hard-to-find ingredient. Everything you need, delivered right to your door once a month.

We share what we learn

We include additional information about the recipe, mixologist and ingredients within each kit.

SaloonBox is headquartered in Martinez, California and partners with liquor retailers to sell and ship our cocktail kits across the nation. We launched in 2015 with a Kickstarter campaign, then shipped our first monthly kit in October of 2015. We've shipped hundreds of thousands of cocktails since!

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