The Basics:

How does SaloonBox work?

SaloonBox delivers all the ingredients you need to make two unique craft cocktails at home. Each cocktail recipe serves two. Each month we feature two recipes with step-by-step instructions so you can mix like a pro.

You can skip any month’s delivery in advance or cancel at any time. We’ve designed our subscription service to teach you how to create classic and unique cocktails, discover craft and top shelf spirits and introduce you to cocktail recipes created by experts at some of the most well-known cocktail establishments around. And we’ll do all of this at the affordable price of $58 per month or less (depending on your plan) per shipment including shipping.  Our kits typically ship early in the month. We'll continue to ship out new orders throughout the month.  If you want to send it as a gift, you can choose our gifting option (3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions) and include a gift note.   

Do the kits contain alcohol?

Yes. We’ve partnered with liquor retail stores to include all the ingredients your cocktail recipes call for, including alcohol.  Alcohol will ship separately. You'll receive two tracking numbers once your order ships. Each month you'll get one "mixer" kit containing all the ingredients you need. At the start of each three month period, you'll receive a collection of spirits needed to complete the recipes. You also have the option to order most SaloonBoxes (including our monthly subscription) without alcohol.

What is included in each monthly installment? 

Your subscription box will arrive with all the ingredients you need to create the two cocktails featured in your kit. While we don’t include bar tools you might need, we offer them on our site.  Due to occasional shipping delays, we do not include fresh fruit in our kits. We make up for it by incorporating artisan fruit syrups and other interesting ingredients into our recipes. 

Can I purchase it just once instead of subscribing?

You can purchase a 1 month subscription to SaloonBox, which renews monthly if not canceled before the start of the next term. You can also purchase any of the larger sized boxes as a single purchase. Only our monthly subscription renews.

I don’t know anything about making cocktails, is SaloonBox for me? 

We are passionate about cocktail discovery and education. If you don’t know a lot about spirits and recipes and want to learn more, SaloonBox gives you the perfect opportunity. We will curate a well balanced range of recipes and spirits and we’ll always fill you in on the story behind them.   

I’m a mixology pro, is SaloonBox for me? 

Absolutely. This is a great opportunity to try spirits you might never have heard of or tried, in ways you might not have thought of. Our recipes and brands are curated by some of the best bartenders around.   

Can I choose my cocktails or spirits? 

At this point SaloonBox is curating kits for you. If you'd like to choose exactly what you are getting, check out our online shop where we sell a la carte boxes.

Can I increase the servings in my kit? 

Each kit contains a total of 4 servings (2 of each recipe). If you want more, you can find party-sized kits that serve up to 12 in our shop!

What do I do if I want to make more of a cocktail in my SaloonBox?

Our recipe cards are designed so that you can recreate your cocktails on your own after trying out the ingredients included. We sometimes add past recipes to our online shop as party-sized kits.  

Can I give SaloonBox to someone as a gift? 

Absolutely!  SaloonBox makes a great gift.  We recommend using our gift option, which allows you to enter a personal message.  If you enter their email address, we will also send them a notification when their gift is on the way.  

Will they receive notification? 

If you enter an email address for them when prompted, then we will send them an email notification once their gift ships. It will include information about the subscription, who it is from, the gift message and the tracking information. We also include a paper gift note within the box.    

Placing an Order

What’s the difference between a subscription and a one time purchase? 

If you purchase a SaloonBox subscription, you will receive a SaloonBox shipment each month and your credit card will be charged at the end of each term automatically. We offer 3, 6 or 12 month terms. If you purchase a product from our shop instead of a subscription, your kit will be mailed to the address you specify one time and your credit card will be charged once. 

Can I cancel my automatic order? 

Yes, log into your account to cancel or make adjustments to your subscription. Note that if you are canceling after the first of the month, you will still receive that month's box. You must cancel before the end of the month to stop receiving the next month's box.   

When do I get charged? 

Your first order will be charged immediately. If you’ve signed up for a subscription, your card will be charged monthly going forward. We offer 1, 3, 6 or 12 month terms.

Shipping & Delivery

Do I need to be present when my shipment arrives? 

Someone 21 years old or older must sign for your SaloonBox at the time of delivery if your order includes alcohol. They will be asked to show I.D. and sign for the shipment. Our boxes are delivered during the work week, so if you’ll be at the office we recommend having it delivered there.  

Do I have to be present to sign for a spirits shipment every month?

We've started a new system of shipping all our 3+ term subscribers a full pack of spirits for all three months up front. This means you will only need to sign for your shipment once every three months. The "mixer" portion of your cocktail kits will still arrive monthly with no signature required, since you'll already have the spirits you need.

Someone 21 years old or older must sign for spirit deliveries at the time of delivery. You will be asked to show I.D. and sign for the shipment. Our boxes are delivered during the work week, so if you’ll be at the office we recommend having it delivered there.  

Should I ship to my home or work? 

We HIGHLY recommend that you have your SaloonBox shipped to your business address, since someone 21 years old or older must sign for it. SaloonBoxes cannot be shipped to P.O. Boxes.   

How do I change my shipping address? 

To change your shipping address, log into your account .   

Is the shipping cost included? 

Shipping IS included in the price unless otherwise stated.

Can I recycle my SaloonBox packaging? 

Yes, and we hope you will. We’re committed to using recyclable products, so please break down your box and dispose of it in your recycling bin.   

When will my SaloonBox ship? 

Your first order will ship within 1-3 business days unless otherwise noted on the checkout page of our site. After that you can expect orders to ship early in the month. This includes subscriptions, one-time purchases and gifts.  Delivery times will vary according to the destination. Once shipped delivery can take anywhere from 1 up to 7 business days.   

How will I know when my SaloonBox is on it’s way? 

We will send you an email notification letting you know that your SaloonBox has been shipped.  

Can I delay my ship date? 

We cannot delay your initial shipment. We can, however, delay or skip subsequent months. You can do this by emailing orders@saloonbox.com.

How long will the ingredients keep? 

We recommend opening your SaloonBox right when you receive it. The ingredients will vary, but won’t require refrigeration before opening. The sooner you create your cocktails, the better.   

Where do you ship? 

Alcohol shipping regulations vary state to state. Our liquor retail partners ship SaloonBox cocktail kit orders. They are currently shipping within most states. States we cannot ship to include Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Ohio, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia, Wyoming, Alaska or anywhere outside of the continental U.S.