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Ungava Gin Cocktail Kit - Serving 12


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Product Description

Explore Ungava, a premium Canadian gin, by creating two cocktails, each calling for different mixology techniques. The Canadian Rose cocktail combines Ungava with strawberry fennel syrup, rose water, lemon, egg white (optional) and a sprinkle of rose petals. The Gin Mint Smash combines Ungava with mint infused syrup and lemon for a simple, but bold and delicious cocktail. You’ll have Ungava to try neat or on the rocks, as well. Ungava Gin is crafted from six native Canadian Arctic botanicals, hand-foraged and dried in the Ungava Peninsula, following a three-year picking cycle to ensure sustainable growth. The botanicals (including Labrador Tea, Wild Rose Hip, Nordic Juniper, Crowberry, Arctic Blend, Cloudberry) are slowly steeped for five weeks, allowing natural extraction of complex flavor and the final gin is unlike any other. The rare botanicals give Ungava Gin its signature color and its unmatched flavor. It can be enjoyed neat or as a premium gin in cocktails. 12 servings total. Includes 4 wooden stirrers. Shipping Included.

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