What's Inside The Box

Here's a peek at what's in our current kit.  Our next shipment will go out on December 5. 

December 2016

Celebrate the holidays and get the new year started off right with two original cocktails, New Era and Fig Wishes.

New Era is an original recipe by Jacopo Rosito, head mixologist at 54 Mint in San Francisco. In his recipe, Jacopo joins bartenders across the nation in celebrating the December anniversary of Jerry Thomas, the first celebrity bartender who wrote “How to Mix drinks, or the Bon Vivant’s Companion”. It includes Bols Genever, a spirit used in Thomas’ recipes and with quite a rich history. It also includes our favorite ginger beer made by Q Drinks, created specifically as a mixer for cocktails and lime juice*, elderflower liqueur and bitters.  

*Lime not included

Fig Wishes includes a fig infused vodka, Figenza. Made with hand-picked Mediterranean Figs from Greece. It also includes Sofia Blanc de Blancs produced by the legendary film director Francis Ford Coppola. A personal favorite of our founders. You’ll sweeten the deal even further by adding a bit of fig preserves.  

November 2016

Kick off the holiday season with our Blushing Besamim and Finn Fizz.

Blushing Besamim
Besamim is an aromatic spice liqueur with notes of vanilla, clove and cinnamon. It's the ultimate fall liqueur and pairs deliciously with vodka, sparkling pomegranate and lemon* juice in this month's Blushing Besamim.

*Lemon not included

Finn Fizz
You'll be combining Gentleman Jack whiskey, American Juice Co.'s Blueberry Finn blend of blueberry, apple and almond extract, lemon* juice and Schilling Hard Cider's ginger Ascender Cider to make a refreshing fall drink.

*Lemon not included