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We’re welcoming fall with a riff on the Negroni, the Teagroni. It has gin, Campari and semi-sweet vermouth with the addition of subtle fall spices. These come in the form of an organic Assam tea infusion and a cinnamon stick garnish.  

You’ll also be receiving The Bird’s Eye, which has spicy notes of its own. The richness of bourbon and the toasty flavor of Portland Soda Co’s Bird’s Eye Chili Syrup are a perfect match for a dose of lemon and a bubbly lift of tonic. Into the mix is also a barely-there taste of bitterness from the aromatic bitters and just a little heat, provided by the Bird’s Eye Chili Syrup.

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It's still summer! Celebrate with our beachy Jalapeño Margarita made with Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila. Made with 100% blue weber agave blanco tequila, Tanteo uses locally sourced peppers to infuse the freshest jalapeño flavor we've tasted in a cocktail. A touch of agave syrup, a dose of lime juice, and a smoked salt rim make this cocktail perfection.

In The Remedy, we’re using Blue Chair Bay Premium Rum, made on the shores of the Caribbean and aged less than 100 feet from the high water line. The delicious coconut flavor of Blue Chair melds perfectly with a dose of pineapple juice, a splash of orange and lime juices and El Guapo Polynesian Kiss bitters, which add subtle notes of passion fruit, guava, pineapple and coconut alongside exotic floral notes and spices. 

With a number of delicious flavors to choose from in the Blue Chair Bay collection, we selected their coconut rum for this recipe, but since they offer many amazing cream rums we'll include one for you to try. Try it on ice!

Our Strawberry Mule made with Hendrick’s Gin, a delightful gin created from eleven fine botanicals and infused with rose and cucumber.  It features a strawberry syrup from El Guapo Bitters, made with Pontchatoula strawberries exclusively grown in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisianna.  The fresh strawberry flavor makes this cocktail taste like summer.

Also included is the Maple-Rye Old Fashioned, a classic using Vermont maple syrup and aromatic bitters. This may be your go-to cocktail from here on out.

Our Citrus Sparkler features smooth vodka, bright limoncello and refreshing sparkling wine. Chill your sparkling wine ahead of time! A splash of honey syrup adds a little sweetness and a few dashes of Scrappy’s grapefruit bitters add just enough bitterness.

This kit also includes our Hibiscus Paloma, which is a classic Paloma……plus so much more. The tangy hibiscus tea, hint of cinnamon and tiny amount of saline solution meld perfectly. Top your cocktail with Q grapefruit soda.

We’re working with some of our favorite cocktail ingredients in this kit! Our Strawberry Basil Highball includes a delicious shrub by Som in Portland, vodka, and strawberry preserve syrup.

Our next cocktail is the “Everything Nice” Daiquiri made with white rum, Scrappy’s Firewater Tincture, and simple syrup with a pinch of cinnamon. The result is a delicious combination of flavors perfect for any time of year. 

Enjoy summer a little early with our Orange Guava Margarita. Delicious orange guava flavor is infused twice over - once using an infused syrup and again using ice cubes made from that same delicious concoction. Rimmed with chili lime salt.

Our second cocktail is a delicious Marionberry Gin Sour. Marionberry Syrup and lemon perfectly balance botanical gin. Egg white* (optional) provides a delicious foam. Garnish each cocktail with a light sprinkle of cinnamon and star anise for a spiced aroma with each sip.

*Egg white not included.

By Land And Sea is simple and well balanced by Irish whiskey, lemon, ginger ale, Scrappy’s aromatic bitters and Scotch, which gives this cocktail a subtle smokiness. It’s the perfect highball.

This kit also includes Honeysuckle, made with Irish whiskey, a quick honey/cherry preserve syrup and a dash of apple juice. The addition of white wine from Graham & Fisk takes this cocktail in another direction. We chose Graham & Fisk, a combination of California Chardonnay and Viognier for its smoothness and notes of peach and vanilla. You’ll have extra to try on its own.

Som Like It Hot, but not super hot. Don’t be fooled by the name, as this cocktail is only subtly spicy. The base spirit is creamy Somrus Mango, which has a rum base, accentuated with mango and cream. Add tequila, lime juice, and a little Royal Rose 3 Chile Syrup and you have a deliciously bright cocktail with a hint of tang and spice.

Our next cocktail, Passion & Fizz, is just as exotic, this time featuring passion fruit. We’re combining vodka and Passoã passion fruit liqueur. Add lime, a little pineapple juice, strawberry fennel syrup and a dash of club soda makes for a light and effervescent  cocktail that tastes like summer.

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Ring in 2021 tiki-style! The Beach Bonfire is bright and citrusy with a hint of heat. It has a rum base - and not just any rum, but Callisto, a California inspired botanical rum. Add a pineapple juice reduction and a lemon jalapeño shrub from Burly Beverages. Based in Sacramento, California. Burly produces all of their products by hand using apple cider vinegar and turbinado sugar to maximize flavor. 

Our Whiskey Tiki Sour contains a classic tiki ingredient, orgeat. Traditionally made of almonds, sugar and either rose-water or orange flower water, it is an important ingredient in Mai Tais and many tiki cocktails. The orgeat we’ve selected, creamy and slightly floral, is created by El Guapo, one of our favorite small batch producers. Based in New Orleans, they use only organic ingredients - in this case California grown almonds.

Our Winter Rum Old Fashioned will leave you reaching for aged rum instead of whiskey from now on. Made with Zacapa 23 Centenario Rum, aged using the Sistema Solera method in multiple casks that previously held whiskeys, sherries and fine wines. Combined with El Guapo Sweet Potato Syrup, crafted in New Orleans with local Louisiana heirloom sweet potatoes, Bittercube Blackstrap Bitters and a light dusting of cinnamon, this cocktail will be your new winter favorite.

Our next cocktail celebrates one of our favorite places, Northern California’s Lake Tahoe. The Aprés Ski Drop is made with Tahoe Blue Vodka, the world's only vodka crafted from pristine Lake Tahoe water. Orange liqueur and small doses of lemon, apple juice and anise syrup create interesting layers of flavor that make this cocktail hard to put down. A star anise garnish is the perfect finishing touch.

This month’s cocktail, Nola Proper, includes an ingredient straight from New Orleans, Fassionola syrup. Once thought of as long-lost, Cocktail & Sons resurrected it with a version made of fresh Ponchatoula strawberries, pineapple, mango, passion fruit, hibiscus, and lime. Bourbon pairs perfectly with this Fassionola syrup and lemon curd adds a little tanginess and creaminess for a perfect balance.

Our second drink this month, Firefly, includes tequila, all natural honey ginger spice syrup from Hudson & Lee, and Scrappy’s Firewater Tincture. A little apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and citric acid make the syrup so tasty and well balanced, it would be delicious by itself.  You can make this drink more or less spicy by adjusting the drops of firewater tincture according to your preference.

Our Golden Hour cocktail is smooth and sippable, without being boring. Licor 43, brandy, honey syrup and a surprising ingredient - a pinch of salt. Learn more about micro-dosing your cocktails with salt and why it's a tool for many great bartenders.

We’re also sending our Rye Ginger Shrub cocktail. It's a balanced combination of rye whiskey, Pink House Alchemy ginger shrub, honey syrup and aromatic bitters. This cocktail also calls for an optional egg white, which is not included. We'll dive into the topic of the "reverse dry shake" to get the perfect foamy top layer on your cocktail.

Our Tiki Staycation cocktail is tiki-inspired rum based cocktail with fall elements like hazelnut and cranberry mixed with pineapple and a little orange liqueur. If you are a SaloonBox regular, you’ll recognize Pink House Alchemy, which made the rich and earthy hazelnut syrup in this recipe. 

Also included in this kit is the Limone Fizz, which will transport you to Southern Italy with a delicious dose of limoncello and vodka. Spirits of San Diego Limoncello lends a refreshing burst of organic citrus to this drink. We turned to one of our favorite syrup producers, Portland Soda Company, for their delicious Mango Habañero Syrup for a little heat and notes of lemon-lime and bergamot orange.  

Included in this month's kit, The Ramble!  Gin, elderflower liqueur, blackberry syrup from Royal Rose, lemon and lime juice make this a delicious, spirit-forward sipper.

Also included is our Tamarindo Sour, featuring whiskey and Tamarindo syrup from Liquid Alchemist - made in small batches from natural ingredients. You'll combine it with bourbon, lemon juice, aromatic bitters and a pineapple juice ice cube. If you haven’t tried using juice for ice cubes, it’s a great way to chill your drinks and add flavor, rather than diluting your cocktail with regular ice.

Cold Front is designed to help you cool off this summer. Orange, vanilla and cocoa combine for a treat that isn’t creamy or overly sweet. Included in this kit: Royal Rose Orange Vanilla Syrup (2 oz bottle), Ghirardelli cocoa powder, two 50ml bottles vodka and a candied orange garnish. This cocktail also calls for an optional egg white, which is not included.

You'll also receive. Piña Guayaba, which combines Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum, inspired by the island lifestyle of multi-platinum singer-songwriter Kenny Chesney, guava juice, lemon, coconut water, a tad of spice from ginger bitters and a pineapple crisp garnish. Included in your kit: two 50ml bottles coconut rum, guava juice, coconut water, two mini ginger bitters, and a packet of delicious pineapple crisps. Crystalized lemon is also included to use in place of fresh lemon juice in case you don't have fresh lemons handy.

Our Black Lava Margarita features Tanteo Blanco Tequila, a ginger, lime and cinnamon infusion from Secco, agave, lime and a Hawaiian black lava salt rim.

Also included in this kit is The Kicking Mule, featuring HM the King Scotch, Pink House Alchemy’s Mexican Chile syrup made from the arbol chile, lemon and a splash of club soda to add a little effervescence. 

Our Yuzu Collins features Sundog gin, Yuzu sparkling water from Kimino and Dusk syrup from Meadowland, which is made from organic black tea, lavender flowers and cane sugar. This recipe also includes a small amount of orange bitters, which adds a slight bitterness to complete a perfect flavor balance.

Our next drink, the Red Tea Smash includes bourbon, “African Sunset” tea (an organic rooibos tea from Two Leaves And A Bud), and Butternut Mountain maple syrup from Vermont.